A word from my son Donny

So, I’ve come through these walls numerous times before. I’ve seen myself be evil, bad, mad, sad, lost, hurt, everything except for truly happy. I’ve seen other men come through here with a sense of happiness about them who claimed “that they were saved” — “they found God”

Well, I’ve always been a believer in God I guess-but never really put much thought into it. Until now. I am now a knowing believer in Jesus Christ. I once used to mock or make fun of people–calling them weak because of my now same way of life. Someone with the tiniest piece of faith, then they can be saved.

If you are interested in seeking wisdom, knowledge, understanding to achieve direction, purpose and salvation–then read on. Ask yourself this: where have we humans come from? We are much too smart and genius to come from a fish or an accident. We come from someone who made us. Someone much more smart then we are.

God! God created us in His image. He made us to glorify Him- to worship Him. To seek Him – our creator

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