America is still the land of the free?????????

What is it about this administration that deems is necessary to blast and belittle those who they oppose.  I can name no time in history when there has been such a great wide gaping space between Americans.  When was there ever a time when presidents poked fun or belittled those they oppose.  When were you made to be the scape goat for every thing wrong in our country just because you are from a different party than those in power.  Now a days, just because you are a republican or conservative you are the enemy and this administration does all it can to connect us to every thing wrong.  When did we lose the level of excellence in our government?  When did the morals in our country decline so bad that to be conservative is considered to be shameful?  I am not some kind of radical person looking to call people names that do not agree with me, I believe America is the land of the beautiful and the home of the free.  I believe we still have the right to speak without being labeled as inciting a riot or being a hater.  I just want out Presidents, (past, present and future) to set the bar higher.  I want those in government to be the ones our children look up to as role models.  I do not want my grandchildren to believe you can fight and cuss their way to the top.  I do not want my children and my grandchildren to be taught to be silent when they do not agree.  This is America people, we are proud of what we have accomplished over the course of our history.  Let’s remember who we are.  We are Americans, we may not always agree, but we are still Americans.  We still have the right to be heard.  Let us not allow those rights to be shamed away.

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