2 thoughts on “god-is-moving-in-our-first-morning-service-in-cristobal7

  1. Hi,

    I’m a professional Christian author writing a book about how God is moving in Mexico, and am looking for testimonies that confirm this scripture: “where sin (lawlessness) increases, grace abounds all the more.”

    If you’d like to share some recent stories of how you’ve personally witnessed God pouring out his grace on the Mexican people, or if you know of other missionaries, pastors, or Christian workers who might want to share some stories about what they’ve witnessed, please send me an e-mail: evelyncookie7@gmail.com.

    Some of the stories I’ve already received have recently been published online in the Christian Post. If you’d like to read those, I’d be happy to e-mail them to you.


    For His glory,

    1. Hi Evelyn,
      Thank you for contacting us! Yes, please send some of the stories you have had published.
      Would like my point of view, or the point of view of my Pastor?

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