Matthew 22:14 “For many are called, but few are chosen.”

Have you ever wondered why few are chosen? I have. In fact God told me a lot about why few are chosen. Let me see if I can adequately describe what He told me. You know when God shows you something there is so much knowing in one brief moment. It is amazing to me how He pours so much knowledge to me through a few words or a brief picture in my mind.

It was during service Sunday when God gave me revelation knowledge! I love it when He does that!

Pastor was praying for the youth who were present during service.  He was telling this one young women that she was called by God.  Now I have seen a lot of people come to the altar area for prayer during my 6 years of salvation.  I have been a member of Impact 4 Christ Ministries which is an outreach of our church, this ministry goes out of the walls of our church and holds revivals and crusades.   So I have seen a lot of people receive prayer.  There have been many people who have received from God.

Many may not understand, but when God tells you something, He can get a whole lot of information in a small glance, in a word, in a though ect…  This particular service I looked at the young women being prayed for and I asked God “why are so many called, but only few are chosen?’  He showed me, He perfect will would be that all would be chosen, but the fact of the matter is that there is a price to be paid to be chosen.

God is undefiled and in order to be chosen we must keep ourselves undefiled as well.  There have been many who were called and jumped into ministry without keeping themselves undefiled, the results have far-reaching consequences. 

To be undefiled we must chose to stay away from sin, we must chose to allow God to work in us, we must stop making excused and pointing the finger of blame.  When God calls you, He is telling you that now you must be different.  If you want to be a chosen vessel of the Lord you must not associate with the ways of the World.  It might be uncomfortable at times, and you might find yourself standing alone.  The Bible clearly tells us to not be conformed to the World.  To be chosen by God we must study out the Word of God to find out what makes Him happy.  Afterall it is His World, we are to minister to His people, we should be doing things His way.

If you want to be a chosen vessel of God, read His book.  He does not leave anything unexplained.  Any question you may have will answered in one way or another.  God tells us in His Word that He always hears us.  Study His Word, He is Holy and He is looking for a people who will present themselves before Him without spot or blemish.

As a chosen vessal we need to remember that we house the Glory of God!  We need to remember to ack like a people who are walking around with the Lord Himself dwelling inside of us.  We should do our best to keep from bringing the Lord with us into our sinful situations.  Nor should we call Him a liar by not believing His Word.

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